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Town Clerk-Treasurer

Dear Citizen,

As your Clerk Treasurer I serve as the link between you and the town Council and between you and the town employees. I am a public servant with a strong belief in public access laws. I am always willing to listen and answer your questions.

My office of Town Clerk for the Town of Odon provides clerical, record keeping and administrative functions to the town Council.  In addition, I perform many tasks that assist in guiding and managing the operation of local government policy and law.  Below are just a few of my responsibilities as Clerk Treasurer for The Town of Odon.

  • receive and care for all town money and disburse monies on the order of the town council:
  • keep financial accounts identifying the sources from which funds have been received and to whom payments of town funds have been made;
  • manages requests to speak to Council
  • prescribe payroll and account forms for all town offices;
  • prescribe the manner in which creditors,officers, and employees shall be paid;
  • prepare the budget estimates of miscellaneous revenues,financial statements, and the proposed tax rate for the town council;
  • mainatin custody of the town seal and the records of the town council;
  • collect the fees fixed by ordianance;
  • serve as the clerk of the legislative body by attending its meetings and recording its proceedings;
  • administer oaths, take depositions and serve as a notary without a fee and;
  • serve as the clerk of the town court, if the judge of the town court does not serve as the clerk or appoint a clerk of the court (IC 36-5-6-6;IC 3-35-3-2).

Thank you for visting the town's website. I hope this website will provide you with the information you need and if you need any additional information, please contact me via email at or 812-636-4321 Monday-Friday.


Beth Haseman



Did you know....

As Clerk Treasurer I am also an ex officio member of the town council solely for the purpose of casting the deciding vote to break a tie (IC36-5-2-8).

In most towns, the clerk treasurer also maintains the books for the town's utilities. Clerk treasurer's are authorized to appoint deputies and employees subject to authorization by the town council. Such deputies and employees serve at the pleasure of the clerk treasurer (IC 36-5-6-7). If a town owns a utility then the clerk treasurer is directly responsible for the billing and collection of that utility's rates and charges, the clerk treasurer may appoint those employees who are responsible for that billing and collection. In our town, the town owns both the water and wastewater utlities, therefore, I manage the utlities and curretnly have one employee, Mandy Fuqua.

The salary of the clerk treasurer, who serves a four year term, is determined by the town council. The salary cannot be changed in the year for which it is fixed nor may it be reduced below the amount fixed in the previous year (IC 36-5-3-2). The clerk treasurer must reside in the town. If the clerk treasurer does not reside in the town, he or she forteits the office (IC 36-5-6-3).